DERIVEDUNIT: degree Celsius

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  • PID: si:derivedunit:degree_Celsius
  • Definition: The degree celcius is a unit for temperature.
  • Source: SI Brochure 9th Ed. 2019, p 138
  • Status: Valid
  • Notes
    1. The degree Celsius is the SI coherent derived unit for Celsius temperature.
    2. The numerical value of a temperature difference or temperature interval is the same when expressed in either degrees Celsius or in kelvin.
    3. The numerical value of a Celsius temperature t expressed in degrees Celsius is related to the numerical value of the thermodynamic temperature T expressed in kelvin by the relation $$t/^{\circ}{\rm{C}} = T/K - 273.15$$
  • Related Definitions
    • hasDerivedUnitSymbol -> °C
    • hasDerivedUnitInBaseSI -> K